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2019 Two Car Garage Shop Tour

It’s high time I did a shop tour of my two car garage workshop.? So here we go! Shop Floorplan Like many of you probably, my shop is a two car garage.? It is 479 square feet.? If not for that bump out at the ...
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How to Build a Router Table Cabinet

If you have a router table then a router table cabinet is a logical next step.? A router table cabinet helps with dust collection and gives you a single location to store all of your bits and router accessories.? In today’s build article we’re going ...
All done!
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Scrap Wood Storage Cart – Easy Shop Organization

Get a handle on your scraps with this awesome mobile scrap wood storage cart. The Problem One thing every woodworker has to deal with is scraps and they certainly pile up quickly.? Fortunately, we’ve got a few options 1) trash em 2) burn em (at ...
Finished shelves
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How to Make/DIY Floating Shelves

A few weeks back a friend from work asked me if I could make her some floating shelves for her kitchen.? She sent me a few pictures of shelves that she liked and most were dark so I decided to go with solid walnut.? There’s ...
quick and easy clamp rack
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How to Build a Quick and Easy Clamp Rack

Let’s build a clamp rack! A couple months back I had accumulated quite a few clamps, especially F style clamps, and had run out of room on my clamp rack.? One of these days I want to build an all in one clamp rack solution ...
Projects / Shop Projects

How to Install a Ductless Mini Split

Welcome to another Average Craftsman build article.? Actually, we’re not really building anything today, we’re installing.? Installing what?? Glad you asked.? I will be walking you through my installation of a Pioneer Ductless Mini Split. First, we’ll discuss how a mini split functions and then ...
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